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Electronic Cigarette Cases

An electronic cigarette is like any other electrical device. If you drop it in water, a puddle, or against a kerb then it is likely to break. Keep your electronic cigarette clean and safe inside one of these stylish cases.

The case can hold your electronic cigarette and cartridges. The sleek case contains an elastic strap that can keep anything safe and sound while you're moving about, it doesn't matter whether it's your electronic cigarette, a spare e-cig, atomizers, e-liquid or spare cartridges.

The case has a silver look to it with felt-style inside, it looks cool and stylish with anyone and is the perfect companion for any electronic cigarette smoker.

Take a look at the products we have to offer and see what people are saying. Remember that simulated smoke is the only thing emitted as you exhale. This is only vapor and evaporates in seconds. All of our products are sealed before shipping to ensure a fresh, full-flavored experience. No tar, no tobacco, no ash & no smell. You can use Electronic Cigarette Cases to store away your cigarettes in a safe location. Take it with you on the plane, in a restaurant, or even at work. Do the math and you will figure out how much you spend a month buying pack after pack, then compare it to our prices. Electronic Cigarette Cases is a great investment. E-cigs are 80% cheaper than traditional cigarettes and lead to thousands of dollars in savings every year. Electronic Cigarette Cases are a great investment to go with your e-cig purchase. Electronic Cigarettes are a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking. The harmful materials chemicals made from the combustion on tobacco are eliminated with our product. Read some of our electronic cigarette testimonials and see why Smart Smoker USA is hands down the best choice.