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Smart Smoker Mini Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

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Product Description

The "mini" is currently the most realistic electronic cigarette available and is undoubtedly the most sought after and popular e-cigarette here at Smart Smoker.

At 100mm the mini is the same size as conventional cigarettes, the beauty of the Smart Smoker mini is that it contains none of the dangerous, carcinogenic toxins and chemicals that are found in standard cigarettes. (over 4000 of them!)

So what exactly is an electronic cigarette? The e-cigarette is made up of a battery, an atomizer and a renewable nicotine cartridge chamber.

How does it work? The smoker draws on the electronic cigarette as they would a normal cigarette and a "smoke" like vapor is emitted and because the nicotine cartridge is present a "tobacco taste" quells the smokers craving. The end of an electronic cigarette also glows when drawn upon.

The vapor emitted which is "smoke" like is totally harmless and within seconds it vaporizes. The odour doesn't linger, so no more smokey smell clinging to clothes, car or home which is good news for smokers and non smokers alike.

The Smart Smoker "mini" can be smoked anywhere legally as there are no health concerns and nothing flammable present. Passive smoking can be a thing of the past with the electronic cigarette!

The Smart Smoker looks very realistic and this sometimes leads to people being concerned as to what is being smoked but usually after an explanation of the product not only is acceptance granted but often people are keen to know how they can purchase them themselves!

The renewable nicotine cartridges are currently available in 4 strengths, Normal, Medium, Low and Zero (no nicotine present at all). A single cartridge will last approximately the time it would take to smoke 12-15 normal cigarettes! 

Despatch is usually within 4 working days of order.

 View the benefits of smoking an electronic cigarette compared to a 'normal cigarette'.

The Smart Smoker Mini Starter Kit consists of:

  • Smart Smoker Mini E Cigarette
  • Spare Battery
  • Atomizer
  • Battery Charger
  • 6 Mixed strength cartridges (equal to approx 5 packs of "normal" cigarettes)
  • Instruction Leaflet

Order your electronic cigarette today and say farewell to cancerous cigarettes forever.


PLEASE NOTE: This product is not for sale to persons under 18 years, we will check the age our customers.

Nicotine is addictive. Keep cartridges out of reach and sight of children and pets as they are toxic if swallowed. Please seek immediate medical advice if a cartridge is swallowed. Cartridges contain Nicotine and Propylene Glycol along with other binding agents.

The product is not suitable for persons who are allergic to nicotine or nicotine-based products, nor persons who suffer from heart disease and/or high blood pressure or pregnant women.

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Smart Smoker Mini Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Product Reviews

  1. Amazing value for money

    Posted by Paddy Oswald on 21st Dec 2010

    When a friend told me about e-cigarettes and how much they can save you, I didn't believe them at first.

    But after taking a chance, and buying the "Mini Starter Kit" all I can say is WOW!

    I haven't had the Smart Smoker e-cigarette long, but I am already noticing both the health, and finanical benefits.

  2. Electronic cigarette really works

    Posted by Joan Middlesmith on 5th Jul 2010

    The electronic cigarette has helped me quit smoking, and I couldn't be happier. After 15 years of smoking at least 20 a day (more when I'm stressed!) I have quit smoking real cigarettes entirely. I now only smoke the electronic cigarettes from Smart Smoker.